Wednesday, 6 June 2012

What am I trying to do? Who is it for?

Ok, well I think that the aesthetics and style of the end product may have the look of something aimed at teenagers or children, but in fact it is aimed at adults.

I want to explore how science is communicated and the philosophical implications of scientific theories and how they are communicated.

But I should focus down on one thing and explore differnt ways of communicating that one thing.

I'm actually not sure about 'symbiosis' because I can't really think of that many examples except in Nitrogen fixation really.

Also, something like genetics could have implications about (de)regulating banking systems, atheism, responsibilty and free will.

So I guess I will take one thing in science and try to communicate it in many different ways.

Then show it to a bunch of perople and see what they say about it- preferably people working in science, students and 'non' science-types and see what they think about the whole thing.

I must arrange a place to put on a show!!!!!!

I think Cambridge is a better place to do it as it will be easier.

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