Friday, 15 June 2012

New music video style with music and some moving image

Thanks to- Richard T. Heffron (Futureworld) 
Mike Leigh (Naked)

I really like this and thinks it looks dead cute.... BUT is it about gene expression or is it just a bunch of pictures????

Also, maybe there's a bit TOO much going on in some bits- the beat street girl in the pink kind of obscures the sepia secretary.

To make it more science-y- have a rotating helix- but is that too cheesy???

- have some unzipped single strand helixes.

- some nice 3D protein assembling?

- I don't wanna talk over it because I think the sound is too nice.

- Maybe it could all be a bit slower

I could connect the control desk to the DNA helix.


-transcription to secretaries.
(show 3d molecules transcripting)

-translation to --- something!!!
(show translation in 3d)

- then show individual differentiation- a bunch of different faces exploding???

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