Sunday, 24 June 2012

Feed back form

Feedback form 

DNA Translation/Gene Expression Video

All answers will be anonymous- so feel free to speak your mind!

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1. The video taught me some new facts about the DNA translation process

2. The facts I learnt were interesting

3. The video left me feeling quite 'in awe' of nature and "cosmic"

4. I didn't really get it and felt a bit bored.

5. It made me think about some things… if our actions are carried out because of the genes we carry, that must mean everything that our fate is already decided. 

6. I don't like the above idea- if we can't change our future, that's depressing.

7. I quite like this idea- it seems to take responsibility from my shoulders!

8. It made me think about 'gene expression'. How many of us really express our full potential? 

9. I think the outside world gets in the way of us realising our full potential a lot of the time. 

10. Please add any other comments! Remember your name will be anonymous!!!!!!!

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