Friday, 15 June 2012

Some Exploration of "translation'/"expression"


I used to work in a second hand bookshop and it was great because we had lots of regular customers who would wander in and say cryptic things and me and my best friend, who also worked there would be left to decipher the meanings. 

 'Tugs", she always wanted to look at "Ship books" but I used to hear "sh** books" so I thought she was just being rude about the shop.

She wore bizzarre pastel-coloured outfits and matching make-up and hair accessories.

She was interested in tug boats and lighthouses, which seemed unusual.

"Protest music" Another striking dresser- wet-look leggings (the kind with the elastic hoop under the foot), over-sized bright silk shirts and huge (quite gangster-looking) gold chains. She would always comment on the music we were playing, usually in a derogatory way. I think she originally came from Denmark. 

"Terrence the Deterrence" -It was discovered that he had had a high-flying job in the city, but at some point had a breakdown and now traipsed through greenwich's bookshops and junk shops all day. He was quite stingy- always wanting a discount wherever he could get it- and had some questionable views on women. He also used to caress your hand as he passed over money. 


I teach English a foreign Language part-time. I really enjoy this job- it's really nice getting to know people from all over the world and find out about their lives. It can also be very funny and enjoyable too- when people make a funny mistake or joke. 

But it can also be quite awkward. For one sometimes it feels quite unfair that I get to have this great job and the students are spending a lot of money to learn a language- when i don' need to! They are also often important people like ministers or doctors and I feel like it's embarrassing for them to answer all the silly questions that you do when you're learning a language like "what's the word for a man from another planet?" or whatever...

 Goth student

Elementary class

 What is your dream?


This is not based on a real person. "Anthony" is a character I made up who wants to express himself. He gives up his reliable job in a revelatory epiphany that self-actualisation is the closest we can get to god. He takes off all his clothes and goes on a rampage through a shopping centre.

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