Monday, 4 June 2012

Script for presenting show

Presentation shoot your shot

RIch to co presenter "yes, I phoned BT broadband, we wont get connected until June"

Jess "Hello and welcome to the show, next we're going to learn about how cells divide to make sperm and egg cells. 

RIch To make sperm or egg cells, a cell's DNA replicates, bits of DNA cross over between two chromosomes, which adds more genetic variation.

Jess The cell divides in two, and then in two again so there are 4 gametes, sperm or egg cells from one cell. 

RIch We'll also show how millions of sperm cells are released but it is quite tricky to reach that egg"

(knowing laughter) 

Jess Just in the same way that dreams can be difficult to achieve but you only get one shot in life so stay focused and concentrate on that dream!

RIch We'd also like to you to consider some questions as you watch this.

Jess How would your life be different if you were born as a member of the opposite sex?

RIch Have you changed your views on how the sexes should be treated during the course of your life?

Jess What have you learnt about the different varieties of love?

RIch Do you follow your dreams?

Presentation RNA Transcription

JESS Next up is the process of RNA transcription, the way that our DNA encodes proteins that do all the functioning inside, and outside the cell. Thanks to RNA Trancription we grow fingers, buy kettles and have arguments with librarians. 

RICH Each of us have unique DNA code, which is hey we look different, anti also helps us have different personalities. The proteins that our DNA encodes helps to determine whether or not we like coldplay, or whether or not we're passive aggressive.

JESS How much are you similar to your mum and dad?

RICH  How much is your personality due to experience and how much because of your genes?

JESS Is your destiny set in stone?

How responsible are you for what you do in life?

Presesntation Brownian motion 

Brownian motion is the way molecules randomly move about 

How many events in your life are random?

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