Friday, 8 June 2012

RNA Transcription

Ok I think RNA Transcription is the best thing to choose. I think it's interesting and I can more or less remember how it works!!!

Design Styles

1.Jefferey Lewis-style rock music comic book animatic.
2. Brass eye style over-the-top graphs and graphic intros- Fiona Bruce Style Newreaders??
3. Sesame street cartoon.
4. Once upon a time..Life style characterisation of molecules.
5. Mighty boosh style characterisation of molecules
6. KNTV-style found footage/bloopers explanations
7. Peepshow-style exposure of the internal life (monologue thing)
8. Deep Forest/Enigma-style big up of the natural world. Life-affirming atmosphere. Like a yoghurt-making art teacher's interpretation of the meaning of RNA transcription.
9. 1980's electro- greed is good/survival of the fittest/social darwinism interpretation of RNA transcription
10. Autocratic geography teachers' interpretation of RNA transcription. Similar to Brass Eye presenter/ Fiona Bruce.
11. A visually-intense almost-music video like MIA's, Go! team or ceephax acid crew.

I'd also like to make a comic book/fanzine thing.
I'd like it to be funny

Maybe the best thing is to try to do about 30 secs of as many of the different ideas as possible- show them to a bunch of people see what they think and go from there.

There are loads of home-style videos about science, RNA transcription etc. and I have to try to avoid that look.

DNA Replication Song

BioRap (DNA Replication and Protein Synthesis with a Beat)

Chromosome (telephone, (by lady gaga) parody)

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