Friday, 8 June 2012

Feedback from class

I showed the "shoot your shot" video yesterday in class.

1. In feedback I was told that the writing is strong.

2. It could be condensed- the divine bit just goes on for ages pointlessly.

3. Try to be narrow- is it just about reproduction?

4. Who is it for? It can just be for yourself, actually.

5. Make a storyboard.

6. If you use other's videos you gotta think about the viewing of it. Peep through a keyhole at a screen or put a bunch of stuff around the computer.

7. Look up- Laurie Anderson, Marina Abramovic, Marshall McLuhan, Naim June Paik, William Burroughs.

8. Send Rob and Jaygo a new question.

1-It's great that they said the writing was strong.
2-I see that the video sampled stuff goes on for ages...
3-Not sure really, I guess it would be better to concentrate on one process and experiment with ways to present it. Better for presentation to auidence

4-Maybe what I'm doing is for myself- especially with the music and videos, but I really want it to be for others.
6-not really sure if I agree.
8-Ok, I still have to think about it though.

*Also, maybe generate a kind of 'mini task' each week...

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