Monday, 13 August 2012

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Patches Nouveuax

 Movement activate- Limit Scale value could come in andy here....

Sound... Limit Scale Value and put into intensity on the projector

New Patches

 Chroma Key

Alpha Mask

Well Jaygo me these two... I still can't really work out how to make it react to pitch. I have a mic that can make a voice sound funny, but I can't make the video respond to the sound in a nice satisfyingly viewable way. Maybe I will learn though, maybe with a scale up, or gate, or booster actor or somesuch.

The movement activation works ok but I don't think I can combine it with chroma or alpha above too much info and everyone will feel confused and upset.

I think I have to film people interacting with it generally for assessment. Gotta do that before next thurs. Eek!

Monday, 6 August 2012

Nerd/news presenter intro

Not sure if this will figure in the final show but thought I'd share it anyways...

Saturday, 4 August 2012

Copying Tana's style

Welcome Poster

The welcome poster is a bit tricky because I'm not sure how to introduce it without yaking on for ages and no one wants to stand there reading forever.

Thursday, 2 August 2012

Fanzine Page


I spoke to my tutor Jaygo today about the Project. I showed some films and he said that you need to show people watching the movie (and looking bored and picking their noses)... I was thinking... even better what about MAKING the AUDIENCE the class?

I could kind of 'performance art' as a teacher. This would also help because I don't think the general public will want to dance or narrate the videos without major encouragement.

I need a poster to explain the whole thing.

I need a 'work sheet' that viewers can work through, and through which I conduct the 'lesson'

and maybe a  'fanzine' exploring various other implications of the ideologies of the lesson.

Maybe the whole thing will have a bit of a self-help angle. i.e, 'release the full expression of your genes'...  or 'What are the metaphorical Histones holding YOU back from being fully translated?'

It may also include Fiona Bruce and this.....

Tuesday, 31 July 2012

new audio activation vid.

Right, that's done then (for now). 

Narration for Audio vid

Gene expression, or DNA translation is how out genes produce the proteins that they code for.

DNA, Deoxyribose nucleic acid, is like a man at the control desk of the cell.It is made of 4 bases, Adenine which binds to Thymine and Guanine which binds to cytosine. 

In order for gene expression, these bases are unzipped by an enzyme called helicase. 

This allows transcription to RNA, ribose nucleic acid. RNA bases to line up against the DNA. It's called transcription because it's in the same language of nucleic acid. 

Then the RNA is translated into a different language, the language of protein. 

These proteins then go on and do all the interesting processes of the cell. It makes us do all the things we do and makes us look and act differently. 

Create your own protein!

This is great, you can create your own protein- it's use to teach kids about gene expression

Movement Activated Video

Well this video is by no means perfect either... I don't really have time to improve it before tomorrow I don't think. I think as long as I give a little explanation it should be ok. ALl the faces coming towards I guess is a bit baffling. But it's supposed to show individual differentiation, and when they turn into masks and air conditioners and irons it's supposed to show different personalities and doing different things. The rest of the video could just be tidier and neaten up I guess. It's too fast to really take in at once but it's looped so hopefully people will watch a few times round. 

Explanation for show tommorow

I though I should explain a bit of what I'm doing at the show tomorrow

7.30pm  Vidoes of Expression and Translation 

This is an interactive video exhibition which explains the process of Gene Expression, how genes code for proteins. DNA (Deoxyribose Nucleic Acid) is transcripted into RNA (Ribose Nucleic Acid), which is then translated into Protein. 

It is called transcription from DNA to RNA because they are both Nucleic Acids so it's kind of like someone writing something out the same language but on another piece of paper. It's called translation from RNA to Protein because they are different molecules so it's a bit like someone saying the same thing but in a different language. 

The proteins then catalyse reactions, form neurotransmitters, hormones and receptors and basically do all the interesting things inside and outside the cell. This makes us grow, think, look how we look and helps determine our personalities and makes us do everything we do. For example, do the ironing or buy an african mask at a museum gift shop.

I hope to explain this process in an exciting and playful way. The videos here will only play if you narrate them in a silly voice or if you dance in front of them.

Music is provided by instrumental music producer, Riksy Bizzness. 

I work as a teacher of English as a foreign language (TEFL teacher) and this experience has taught me that silliness during learning helps to both foster a pleasant classroom environment and to help commit information to memory. 

There is also a video of the Present Perfect tense (e.g. I have eaten lunch), starring class 2 from the Select English Adult course. 

The present Perfect tense is used as an analogy because it can be confusing for non-native English speakers because it is not present in all languages. Also because it is used to talk about past events which now have bearing on your present status. So it's often used to share experiences. E.g. Have you ever ridden a motorbike? (And because I am a TEFL teacher and I wanted to be able to use this for this project.)

For more info..........

8.30 Michael Greenwell

A mix of short political films, sometimes serious, sometimes not so. 

These have been made over a number of years, basically when I have time. Sometimes they focus on a specific issue, sometimes they are just a good way to blow off steam. 
9pm  Professor Karmadillo 

“Professor Karmadillo sings songs of science, using clever lyrics, humour and background displays to provide entertaining and informative insights into topics ranging from particle physics to genetics wrapped up in an arthouse framework. The Divine Comedy meets Einstein! ”

Monday, 30 July 2012

Silly voice activation DNA video

I used the sound level watcher in isadora (left level set at 22, but that might be improved upon.)

Speed of the movie 0 to 5, initialise at 1.

But I will have to give a long narration to keep the viewer talking so they can see the whole video.

Maybe I could say they can just make any high-ptched noise. But I think more learning would occur if they talked about DNA.

Actually this video could be better. It doesn't end properly and the transcription part could be easier to understand. (shoe the RNA appearing at the transcription part)

There's a typo in the 'functioning of the cell' part and the "translation' part is too short.

ALso the 'individual differenciation' part could be more interesting.

Let's see if I have time to make it a lot better!

Also, I haven't actually worked out how to make Isadora respond to pitch in sound- only volume. But I kind of think I could get away with saying it only responds to a really low or high voice- a least for a bit anyway.

I have to write a long narration to keep people talking to it!

Present Perfect Class 2

This is a little film I made for my class, using the present perfect tense to give a sentence about their experiences.

I showed it to them at the leaving party. I hope they liked it!

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Sound watcher

So I'm trying to use this video... to only play if some one speaks, or even better puts on a funny high voice... using the sound watcher actor in Isadora.

But this video is not really well- suited. It's  a bit clumsy anyway so you can't tell if it is playing smoothly or not.

Also there's just a bunch of random drawings and you can't really tell what's going on.

Another video

Ok Donna Allen's Serious is not appropriate music...

Monday, 23 July 2012

Interactive Learning

This is a similar thing to what I'm trying to do I think. Autistic kids were given these interactive games to play with to help their learning.

Boundary Functions (1998) by Scott Snibbe

I think this is quite interesting too. People walk around and a line traces the boundaries between people, tracing their personal space. The art doesn't really exist unless a person is there. 

Maurice Benayoun

I just looked up 'interactive art' on wikipedia- I found this really interesting. Maurice Benayoun has made this virtual reality where you walk through a warzone. You can take photos but then your subject disappears.... and it's printed out for you somewhere. I think it's really powerful...

I can use Live Trace in Illustrator!


I have found some work experience with CARET. I am very excited about it but I hope I have enough time to finish my masters project!!!!


Sunday, 22 July 2012

This weird video...

Look at 7.55 to see the man's face transform!!!!

Learn English online

I found this series of videos on youtube- an eccentric Englishman has made a series of teaching english videos.

Vowel Sounds of English

This is a film I started ages ago- designed to help teach the sounds of English. I can't really use it for the show though because I think the audio is very important. Unless I stood next to it and said "ah" but that would upset the 'flow' I think. 

Sitcom/Japanese kids

I would like to try to make an internet sitcom style video about expression and translation- perhaps with an awkward character (like awkward black girl)... I hope I have time!!!!

ALSO... Look at this from some Japanese students. How cute! It's also quite funny to see "Jessica's class is very excited." Translation innit. I think TEFL teacher perspective would be ripe with material. I would also like to make a video for a song my boyfriend wrote called "I'm your beaky guy" about the love between a fish and an eagle. Perhaps they can come together.


YES! So I think I have Isadora arranged so that the speed increases if you move (or dance) faster!!!

The object velocity is linked to movie player speed (initialise at 1 and min 0, max 8 is good)

But you have to play the music separately or else it sounds horrible.

Now I just need to buy a projector and we're away!!!!

Present Perfect Tense FINAL

OK that's it... now I need to get to grips with Isadora!!!

present perfect again

Still not perfect! Should not have 'resolume' everywhere

Saturday, 21 July 2012

Maybe this will look nice...

Present Perfect

OK This isn't perfect, there are some typos and some bits are a bit confusing...

Who is Antonio, lets see antonio. And also it shouldn't start with a negative. Lets start with Maria.

Disposable Cinema

I went to 'Disposable Cinema' Last night. I really like the idea of this... films made from lo-fi, low budget means. It seems more inclusive to people who are not so much accustomed to making films.

My favourite was 'Smoke and Mirrors' from Nicola Woodham. She says she liked films about London life but aren't so many from a female perspective and this is what she wanted to show. She narrates the story, and I think the narration is engaging and very funny.

I guess it's similar to the narration in my 'Supermarket' film but it's much more slow moving and believable. I think it works really well. Maybe I should try being slower.

Nicola Woodham 'Smoke and Mirrors' on vimeo

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Pure Data

Pure Data might be useful VJ software too

English Class Nice TIme

Today I had a lovely moment in the English class (they are beginners) we listened to Don't Worry, Be Happy by Bobby McFerrin and then we all sang it together.

Then it was funny because we had a discussion about whether it's better to be an optimist or a pessimist.

Nice moving images...

Max Hattler's video work 2010

Ryan Davis - Beluga

ben sheppee ...

This film looks interesting... 

A. Visualist

Sunday, 15 July 2012

This is funny!


I made the stage big!!!!

Done it...

I think I managed to do it!

I set up motion tracking, then feed 'velocity of object' from 'eyes' directly to 'visible' on the movie player. But this was too sensitive. It kept turning on and off and going nuts.

So I thought maybe I need an actor between eyes and moving player to make the values less sensitive. I tried envelope generator and value trigger but I couldn't really get them to do that. I don't really know if they are supposed to do that.

So then I just linked velocity to speed. i think this is better!!! But the sound then goes all awful- so I think I'll have to play sound separately...

I have to work out how to make the stage bigger too- I hope it is possible with just the trial version!!!

Maybe you have to buy Isadora to make the stage bigger.

Maybe I can strategically place a projector to circumvent this. Also better check the PA for the Cambridge show!


I'm feeling quite frustrated today, trying to work out how to use Isadora- but it is not going well!

Maybe I can wait for Jaygo to come back and he can show me...

Others things I must do...

1. Make videos (better)
2. Advertise the event for interaction.
3. Speak to students/my boss/other teachers/friends to see if they want to get involved.
4. Maybe make a video for "I'm your beaky guy"

Saturday, 14 July 2012

Antonio hasn't learnt to drive

present perfect tense poster

I think something about this video is a bit cringe. I'm not quite sure what though...

Typography video with DNA illustration

I feel very excited about this!!!

Imagine if kids could go dancing every night and have fun- but also revise for their their classes at the same time!

Turkish Disco Greats

...just because they're nice...

TURKISH Disco Folk Psych Funk organ e-saz 45 River Volga sound 70s New 2012 

Kamuran Akkor - Ikimiz Bir Fidaniz

Ferdi Tayfur - Sanmaki Yaşıyorum

Wednesday, 11 July 2012

curiositycollective watched-pot-never-boils

My classmate Laurence told me about a similar thing... A watched pot never boils. Think they used different kinda software though.

Tuesday, 10 July 2012

This is the video people will dance in front of...

I made this with flash, after effects and resolume avenue.

This video I  hope to put in a show on 1st August in Cambridge. Hopefully will look out how to use Isadora before then!

If I have time maybe I can improve this video too.

What I think would also be really great is if I can introduce my students at the language school to this. It would be even better if I can make the video relate to their English learning.

I think the perfect tense would be a good one to use, because it can be tricky to understand and it's not present in other languages.

Also, it fits in well with the themes I think as it's about previous experiences.

"Have you ever...?"

I haven't learnt to drive yet. I haven't got married yet. I have already eaten lunch.

I have been sky-diving. I have been to Poland.

We will have to see if I have time for this though....

I could take photos of students and use real life situations, e.g. "Maria has given birth 5 times" or "Fabio has lived in 3 different countries".

Maybe I could also use them as a focus group.

Also, some other teachers or students might be musicians- and we can show their music too.

Some nice bollywood songs/vid

Disco Dancer (1983) Jimmy Ajaa- Pukareh Tujhe Sun ,Suna deh Wahi Dhun.

Dance Dance - Every Body Dance With Pa Pa Paa - Vijay Benedict - Alisha Chinoy


I have to remember I have to write 2,500 words for this project too. Eek!

I have to think about how I'm going to talk about methodology. And also theory.


So I spoke to my Tutor and he said a motion sensor detector to make a video play should be easy! It can be done with Isadora software. I have downloaded this and I'm trying to work out how to use it...

Presentation Idea 1:  The video will only play if a person dances in front of it. The video divided in two identical mirror symmetrical images.

There must be text instead of narration to show what is happening.

Dancing fast will make the video go fast. Dancing slow will make it play slowly. The trick is to try to synchronise with your partner to make it play at the same pace.

(But maybe this will confuse people)

The viewers can choose their favourite music to dance to.

Presentation Idea 2: The video will only play if a person recites the narration into a mic.

The mic only detects high pitch or low pitch sound- so you have to put on a strange voice to activate the video.

Hopefully I can put on a show before the hand in in August to test how this software will work.

Monday, 9 July 2012

Final Presentation

Ok, So I think what I'd really like to do is create a scenario where learning has to occur through silliness.

I feel uncomfortable about the relationship between the 'educational video' and the viewer (mwahahah, I know about DNA, you don't and now you have to sit there passively while I tell you about it.)

When I studied Biomedical Science, there were about 500 people in each lecture. When you entered the lecture theatre you saw everyone divided by race, white, black brown. There was little chance to intermingle and make friends with different people. I guess it couldn't really be helped because there was little time to cover a lot of information.

But I would like to use this chance to try to teach Science in a more interactive way.

At Art School it is easier to get to know classmates. Often, you have the chance to talk about your experiences or feelings.

I also teach English as a foreign language. I really enjoy this job because people say funny things all the time and I think it helps to be silly sometimes. For example, when you teach pronunciation you make funny noises.

Also you have to talk about your experiences a lot too. For example if you teach the past tense you have to say 'what did you do last night?' and ask follow up questions, e.g. 'Was the film good? Are horror movies your favourite type of film?'

In the classroom you also have to encourage the student s to make friends with each other. you have to say 'check the questions in pairs' or 'ask your partner these questions'.

I would like to try to incorporate these techniques into my project.

I have an idea to have a projection of a symmetrical video in 2 parts. The playing of the video is triggered by a dancer in front of the video. Therefore a person must dance to see it play. It works best if someone else dances next to them, then the video will play symmetrically.

This encourages the viewer to be silly and to work with a partner. Maybe also to make a friend.

The viewers can choose their favourite music to dance to. The video must not have narration, I will  have to use text in it.

Another possibility could be to recite the narration of the DNA video, in a silly voice, in order to see the video play.

I would be even better if then the viewer/dancer appears on screen. I guess I would need them to dance behind a green screen. Not really sure if that's a possibility.

If I can't put this together maybe I will have to sit there and make people dance before I press play but I don't think this is good, because people will feel more self-conscious. Maybe I can hide behind a curtain like in the Wizard of Oz.

Maybe this video will teach me how to do it!!!!!!