Monday, 9 July 2012

Final Presentation

Ok, So I think what I'd really like to do is create a scenario where learning has to occur through silliness.

I feel uncomfortable about the relationship between the 'educational video' and the viewer (mwahahah, I know about DNA, you don't and now you have to sit there passively while I tell you about it.)

When I studied Biomedical Science, there were about 500 people in each lecture. When you entered the lecture theatre you saw everyone divided by race, white, black brown. There was little chance to intermingle and make friends with different people. I guess it couldn't really be helped because there was little time to cover a lot of information.

But I would like to use this chance to try to teach Science in a more interactive way.

At Art School it is easier to get to know classmates. Often, you have the chance to talk about your experiences or feelings.

I also teach English as a foreign language. I really enjoy this job because people say funny things all the time and I think it helps to be silly sometimes. For example, when you teach pronunciation you make funny noises.

Also you have to talk about your experiences a lot too. For example if you teach the past tense you have to say 'what did you do last night?' and ask follow up questions, e.g. 'Was the film good? Are horror movies your favourite type of film?'

In the classroom you also have to encourage the student s to make friends with each other. you have to say 'check the questions in pairs' or 'ask your partner these questions'.

I would like to try to incorporate these techniques into my project.

I have an idea to have a projection of a symmetrical video in 2 parts. The playing of the video is triggered by a dancer in front of the video. Therefore a person must dance to see it play. It works best if someone else dances next to them, then the video will play symmetrically.

This encourages the viewer to be silly and to work with a partner. Maybe also to make a friend.

The viewers can choose their favourite music to dance to. The video must not have narration, I will  have to use text in it.

Another possibility could be to recite the narration of the DNA video, in a silly voice, in order to see the video play.

I would be even better if then the viewer/dancer appears on screen. I guess I would need them to dance behind a green screen. Not really sure if that's a possibility.

If I can't put this together maybe I will have to sit there and make people dance before I press play but I don't think this is good, because people will feel more self-conscious. Maybe I can hide behind a curtain like in the Wizard of Oz.

Maybe this video will teach me how to do it!!!!!!

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