Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Explanation for show tommorow

I though I should explain a bit of what I'm doing at the show tomorrow

7.30pm  Vidoes of Expression and Translation 

This is an interactive video exhibition which explains the process of Gene Expression, how genes code for proteins. DNA (Deoxyribose Nucleic Acid) is transcripted into RNA (Ribose Nucleic Acid), which is then translated into Protein. 

It is called transcription from DNA to RNA because they are both Nucleic Acids so it's kind of like someone writing something out the same language but on another piece of paper. It's called translation from RNA to Protein because they are different molecules so it's a bit like someone saying the same thing but in a different language. 

The proteins then catalyse reactions, form neurotransmitters, hormones and receptors and basically do all the interesting things inside and outside the cell. This makes us grow, think, look how we look and helps determine our personalities and makes us do everything we do. For example, do the ironing or buy an african mask at a museum gift shop.

I hope to explain this process in an exciting and playful way. The videos here will only play if you narrate them in a silly voice or if you dance in front of them.

Music is provided by instrumental music producer, Riksy Bizzness. 

I work as a teacher of English as a foreign language (TEFL teacher) and this experience has taught me that silliness during learning helps to both foster a pleasant classroom environment and to help commit information to memory. 

There is also a video of the Present Perfect tense (e.g. I have eaten lunch), starring class 2 from the Select English Adult course. 

The present Perfect tense is used as an analogy because it can be confusing for non-native English speakers because it is not present in all languages. Also because it is used to talk about past events which now have bearing on your present status. So it's often used to share experiences. E.g. Have you ever ridden a motorbike? (And because I am a TEFL teacher and I wanted to be able to use this for this project.)

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8.30 Michael Greenwell

A mix of short political films, sometimes serious, sometimes not so. 

These have been made over a number of years, basically when I have time. Sometimes they focus on a specific issue, sometimes they are just a good way to blow off steam. 
9pm  Professor Karmadillo 

“Professor Karmadillo sings songs of science, using clever lyrics, humour and background displays to provide entertaining and informative insights into topics ranging from particle physics to genetics wrapped up in an arthouse framework. The Divine Comedy meets Einstein!http://professorkarmadillo.com ”

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