Monday, 30 July 2012

Silly voice activation DNA video

I used the sound level watcher in isadora (left level set at 22, but that might be improved upon.)

Speed of the movie 0 to 5, initialise at 1.

But I will have to give a long narration to keep the viewer talking so they can see the whole video.

Maybe I could say they can just make any high-ptched noise. But I think more learning would occur if they talked about DNA.

Actually this video could be better. It doesn't end properly and the transcription part could be easier to understand. (shoe the RNA appearing at the transcription part)

There's a typo in the 'functioning of the cell' part and the "translation' part is too short.

ALso the 'individual differenciation' part could be more interesting.

Let's see if I have time to make it a lot better!

Also, I haven't actually worked out how to make Isadora respond to pitch in sound- only volume. But I kind of think I could get away with saying it only responds to a really low or high voice- a least for a bit anyway.

I have to write a long narration to keep people talking to it!

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