Tuesday, 10 July 2012

This is the video people will dance in front of...

I made this with flash, after effects and resolume avenue.

This video I  hope to put in a show on 1st August in Cambridge. Hopefully will look out how to use Isadora before then!

If I have time maybe I can improve this video too.

What I think would also be really great is if I can introduce my students at the language school to this. It would be even better if I can make the video relate to their English learning.

I think the perfect tense would be a good one to use, because it can be tricky to understand and it's not present in other languages.

Also, it fits in well with the themes I think as it's about previous experiences.

"Have you ever...?"

I haven't learnt to drive yet. I haven't got married yet. I have already eaten lunch.

I have been sky-diving. I have been to Poland.

We will have to see if I have time for this though....

I could take photos of students and use real life situations, e.g. "Maria has given birth 5 times" or "Fabio has lived in 3 different countries".

Maybe I could also use them as a focus group.

Also, some other teachers or students might be musicians- and we can show their music too.

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