Sunday, 15 July 2012

Done it...

I think I managed to do it!

I set up motion tracking, then feed 'velocity of object' from 'eyes' directly to 'visible' on the movie player. But this was too sensitive. It kept turning on and off and going nuts.

So I thought maybe I need an actor between eyes and moving player to make the values less sensitive. I tried envelope generator and value trigger but I couldn't really get them to do that. I don't really know if they are supposed to do that.

So then I just linked velocity to speed. i think this is better!!! But the sound then goes all awful- so I think I'll have to play sound separately...

I have to work out how to make the stage bigger too- I hope it is possible with just the trial version!!!

Maybe you have to buy Isadora to make the stage bigger.

Maybe I can strategically place a projector to circumvent this. Also better check the PA for the Cambridge show!

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