Tuesday, 10 July 2012


So I spoke to my Tutor and he said a motion sensor detector to make a video play should be easy! It can be done with Isadora software. I have downloaded this and I'm trying to work out how to use it...

Presentation Idea 1:  The video will only play if a person dances in front of it. The video divided in two identical mirror symmetrical images.

There must be text instead of narration to show what is happening.

Dancing fast will make the video go fast. Dancing slow will make it play slowly. The trick is to try to synchronise with your partner to make it play at the same pace.

(But maybe this will confuse people)

The viewers can choose their favourite music to dance to.

Presentation Idea 2: The video will only play if a person recites the narration into a mic.

The mic only detects high pitch or low pitch sound- so you have to put on a strange voice to activate the video.

Hopefully I can put on a show before the hand in in August to test how this software will work.

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