Thursday, 2 August 2012


I spoke to my tutor Jaygo today about the Project. I showed some films and he said that you need to show people watching the movie (and looking bored and picking their noses)... I was thinking... even better what about MAKING the AUDIENCE the class?

I could kind of 'performance art' as a teacher. This would also help because I don't think the general public will want to dance or narrate the videos without major encouragement.

I need a poster to explain the whole thing.

I need a 'work sheet' that viewers can work through, and through which I conduct the 'lesson'

and maybe a  'fanzine' exploring various other implications of the ideologies of the lesson.

Maybe the whole thing will have a bit of a self-help angle. i.e, 'release the full expression of your genes'...  or 'What are the metaphorical Histones holding YOU back from being fully translated?'

It may also include Fiona Bruce and this.....

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