Friday, 22 June 2012


Yesterday I had a tutorial with my great tutor, Rob. 

He said I need to sort out what methodologies (ways of researching) I'm using. 

E.g, Experimental research

Visual research


There's some good books about methodologies 

Your research Investigated Edited by Deer- Richardson

Visual Methodologies Noble

I also need to work out the theory (ideas, philosophy) 

Language? Wittgenstein? Chomsky?

Philosophical music video-

The mirror image use- it's a bit confusing is there a "duality" to DNA transcription (i guess not really other than the double helix) 

Infographic Style

After a while he lost track of the whole thing. It was confusing. Need to cut the info down into bitesize chunks. 

Always explain acronyms. Whenever it says "this continues', you have to show it continuing. 

Cartoon style

Your drawing is strong. The best thing is to try to use your drawing skill

You could try to put all the different styles together....
Try to finish things in a week. 

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