Sunday, 24 June 2012

Musc videos to show next thursday- music by alpha60

I Need Love- I made this film ages ago, just with paper, a pencil and istopmotion. I re-edited to go with the song. I also changed about the curves with After Effects, and added some distortion with Avenue Resolume.

Cathode Ray Mission- Some videos from Naim June Paik, and some footage of an early synthesiser. I messed about with it with Resolume.

Soft Touch
A few different video collages.... distorted with some demos from Resolume.

Black Magic- Mostly cheesy 80's videos (by Shanon, The Gogos, Donna Summer, Ruins, Donna Allen) plus scenes from Lucifer Rising by Kenneth Anger and Wildstyle (an 80's hiphop movie).

+ Resolume distortion

Monorail City- Scenes from/of monorails/trains- plus scenes from videos from YMO, Grace Jones, John Foxx, Midnight Star

+ Resolume distortion

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