Tuesday, 15 May 2012

Science Animations

I would like to make some animations to illustrate the GCSE Science syllabus. 

I think the animations available on the GCSE bitesize website are great, and I would like to build on their work. 

I will look at educational illustrations and animations for children from Charley Harper, Sesame street, Horrible Histories and KNTV Philosophy. 

Visual research will also come from infographics, ( for example from Otto Neurath, Yuriko Otto and David McCandless) and also modern illustrators and graphic designers. 

I will need to research the GCSE Science syllabus and ask students and teachers what they think are the hardest concepts and the best designs. 

I will look at academic literature about the use of moving image in Science teaching, to see if it highlights any specific features that are useful in design for education. 

I will look at current visual artists and infographic designers, to make sure that my designs are recognisable in the same sphere as print media in advertising, record covers etc, to engage GCSE students in Science.

I will need to look at the GCSE Science Syllabus, make sure that I understand the processes and concepts, and to see which would be suitable for animation. 

I will need to talk to teachers and students, to see which aspects of the syllabus are most difficult and which designs are most engaging. 

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